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What is Alder? Learn about this tonewood for guitar

What is Alder?

Alder is a lovely tonewood for several reasons. From being easy to work with from a manufacturing standpoint to taking a finish incredibly well, to being able to run the tonal gamut depending on what pickups you have installed in the guitar,  Alder is Vanilla. And Vanilla is awesome because you can add whatever you want to it to make it even more awesome-er!
What is Scale Length?

What is Scale Length?

Another term that brings confusion to many players is Scale Length. Nope, it’s not how many frets you covered in a scale, it’s actually the distance from your bridge saddles to the nut. This length of the string that is ‘in play’ accounts for an instruments given scale length. The number is an approximation and if you look at the individual saddles you’d see that each string needs to be compensated forward or backward depending on which string you are talking about and the string gauge for that specific string.
All About Frets Part 1: The History and Evolution of the Fret

All About Frets Part 1: The History and Evolution of the Fret

Welcome to my 3 part series about frets! I know it’s been a while since my last blog installment but with things insanely busy at the shop, it’s be...

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