Beginner Bass Guitar

Beginner Bass Guitar


The Roots

We teach our beginner bass guitar lessons through a carefully selected list of songs, grooves, and techniques that cover several styles of music while staying fun and packed with great information. We'll help you set up the fundamentals by developing good time, great tone, and excellent technique. Learning bass guitar language is easy when you take the right steps. 

Mastering the absolute basics means:

  • knowing the basic terminology
  • being able to tune the bass
  • getting a great sound
  • being able to perform basic rhythms accurately


Once you've mastered the basics, we can dive into the ideas and techniques shown to us by the masters of bass guitar across every genre. We'll learn about all kinds of music including Rock, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, and more. Every single one of these genre share the same core concepts. 

We will learn to:

  • play essential, classic riffs
  • play melodies by ear
  • play rhythms by ear
  • play basic chords


This is the stage where playing the bass guitar and listening to music become way more interesting. We continue to learn more complex songs, but we are also able to approach music from new directions and begin to understand how music really works. We will also introduce more advanced techniques such as slapping, tapping, or other "artist inspired" three finger techniques. The possibilities are endless because the knowledge you gain in this phase applies to every piece of music on every instrument. We will learn:

  • common scales and patterns
  • more complex chord shapes
  • essential music theory and ear training
  • exercises for better dexterity and understanding of the neck
  • songwriting/composition