NEW Chicago Blues Course


Hi everyone!

I'm Bill Uhler, one of the guitar instructors here at The Music Gallery. I teach several group classes here I'm excited to announce our new Chicago Blues group class for those who want to learn how to play the blues. The new group will meet every Monday night at 8pm and is open for all level of players. You'll learn how to play riffs, licks, chords, intros and endings used in many blues song. 

Some of the artists we'll be listening to and learning from are:

  • Jimmy Reed  
  • Muddy Waters  
  • Jimmy Rogers 
  • Little Walter  
  • Robert Lockwood Jr.  
  • Howlin' Wolf 

You'll learn many of the concepts and ideas used in most blues songs:

  • Lump-de-lump riff
  • Sliding 9ths
  • Comping
  • Box shuffle
  • 2 beat style
  • Stop time
  • Rhumba style
  • Min. key blues

A few months in this group class and you'll be ready to hold your own at any blues jam! 

I'm looking forward to getting the "Chicago Blues" group class started. Hope you'll join us!

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