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Pushing Acoustic Guitar Manufacturing into the future is an important task given the more environmentally minded companies must be, especially when considering sustained growth. Blackbird Guitars are certainly breaking the mold, or rather using the mold quite literally to make guitars like no other on the planet.

Blackbird's e-Koa instruments are made from a bio resin and fabric, essentially fabric and a wood based product that hardens and sound shocking like wood but with none of the issues. The Savoy and El Capitan are two of our shop favorite, non wood guitars. Get them loaded with the MISI electronic system and you have a guitar that is as perfect as it gets. These guitars are indifferent to weather changes. Cold or hot, humid or dry, it doesn't matter. A Blackbird would be fine in the trunk of your car, year round. 

Granted, you wouldn't want to leave it there. Not only do they play well, they sound incredible too. Large but friendly neck profiles lend themselves to more experienced players. A hollow neck acts like a resonating chamber giving the guitar lots of harmonic liveliness behind the nut. Check out Blackbird's youtube videos to get an idea of just how these revolutionary guitars come together.

Blackbird is based in San Fransisco and make a somewhat limited amount of instruments. We try to have a few in stock at all times but it can get tricky with long wait times and some models that sell before we even get our hands on them! Check out our inventory below then stop by and give a Blackbird a strum. You'll even get to compare them up against Carbon Fiber Guitar's from other manufacturer's. 

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