Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb 1x10" Combo Amplifier - The Music Gallery
Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb 1x10" Combo Amplifier - The Music Gallery
Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb 1x10" Combo Amplifier - The Music Gallery
Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb 1x10" Combo Amplifier - The Music Gallery

Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb 1x10" Combo Amplifier

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Finally! Fender has introduced the Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb! We have been big fans of the other Tone Master Series Amps. These amps sound incredible and are packed with modern features that make them fit in no matter the scenario. In fact, one of our 1st batch is going home with me, the guy doing this write-up!

Sure, I could have picked up the Super Reverb, Twin Reverb, or Deluxe Reverb... I do enjoy them all. However, all along I was hoping for a Princeton for several reasons. The single 10" speaker means the amp is smaller and easier to tuck away. The 10" Speaker also is more mid-centric and less bass-heavy. The single channel of the Princeton is all I need as I'm always looking to have access to reverb and tremolo. Plus, it weighs only 20 lbs instead of 34 lbs, like the Tube Version. Oh yeah, and I'm over tubes... Solid State Technology has caught up with Tubes, offering consistency and reliability without having to invest hundreds in backup tubes in case (or rather for when) your amp fails. Don't believe me? Head to the shop and try one or check out all the incredible youtube videos of other products like the Kemper Profiling Amp or Axe Effects from Fractal. Seriously, Tone Master Amps are changing the game.

Something that really sets the Tone Master Series apart is the onboard attenuator on the back panel. It allows you to cut back on the volume considerably and drive the amp at really low volumes. This is a valuable feature, especially while playing at home. Tone Master Amps interact beautifully with Overdrive and Distortion pedals but it's nice not to need them! Between the Driven Tones, Reverb, and Tremolo you got quite a lot of onboard ear candy to enjoy.

Another soon-to-be indispensable feature is the onboard Direct Out on the back of the amp is truly a thing of beauty. It can be used to run signal to any external source like a DAW or PA system. This amp helps keep your stage volume low, acting as a direct box via the XLR out on the back panel. Run a cable to your PA system and you've no need to mic up your amp! So even a small amp like this Princeton Reverb can produce enough signal for the largest of venues. Lots of DI's sound terrible because they lack a cabinet simulator. Well, not the Tone Master Series thanks to 2 Cabinet Simulators and the ability to disengage the sim's giving you a great direct sound.

To make things easy, the controls on the front panel are simple. Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, and Intensity are it! 6 Controls are all you need to dial in a fabulous tube-like tone. For anyone familiar with a Princeton, this is immediately easy to find the sound you are looking for.

From the Fender Website...
The Tone Master Princeton Reverb is one of the most versatile and prized guitar amplifiers of all time. It's versatile enough to go from the bedroom to the recording studio to the gig with the great sound and authentic vintage vibe that Fender players know and love. The Tone Master Princeton Reverb delivers classic Fender tone, reverb, and tremolo; and it's the perfect size for guitarists who want a moderately powered amplifier for any situation.

Additional rear-panel features deliver modern convenience and flexibility—including an output power selector for full power and five attenuated settings, balanced XLR line output with impulse response (IR) cabinet simulations, mute switch for silent stage or recording use, USB port for firmware upgrades, and more.

  • Fender
  • Tone Master Series
  • Princeton Reverb
  • 10" Jensen C10R Ceramic Speaker
  • 8 ohms
  • 50 Watts in 8 ohms (Simulates 12 Tube Watts)
  • Onboard Attenuator - 12/6/3/1.5/.75/.3 Watts
  • Lightweight Solid Pine Cabinet
  • Footswitchable Digital Reverb and Tremolo
  • Speaker Mute for Direct Recording
  • Balanced XLR Line Out
  • 2 Cabinet Emulations
  • USB Port for Updates
  • 2 Button Footswitch Included
  • Product Dimensions: 19.875"x16"x9.5"
  • Shipping Dimensions: 23"x20"x13"
  • Shipping Weight 26 lbs
  • MPN 2274400000
  • UPC 885978979356
  • Made in China

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