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The Music Man Bass, first introduced in 1976, is a staple of the 4 string world. Interestingly, we have SN 007 on a Prototype StingRay Bass. It's part of our private collection but certainly a cool piece of history. I mention this to bring up how long running our history is with this amazing company.

Today, they make some of the most playable basses made. Sophisticated Preamps, MASSIVE sounding humbuckers, infinite tonal combo's from smooth rolling EQ's, these are serious basses built with high quality and value. Countless innovations came from Music Man and they certainly helped pave the way for builders who arrived late to the party.

Music Man Basses tend to find their way into the hands of more aggressive players due to their powerful tones. Up front, in your face, with articulation and definition. Paired with literally any cranked up amp, you'll find yourself lost in song within a couple minutes. 

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