Torin Hopkins

Music Tech / Guitar / Voice / Bass / Ukulele / Piano / Songwriting 

"I aim to instill a love for music, enhance cognitive capacity, and to teach the art of respectful, social expression."

Torin Hopkins is a profound motivator, talented musician, and focused educator. He combines the tried and true handwritten approach to teaching music while embracing our evolving technological world through several alternative education methods utilizing apps, computer software, manipulated playback, and much more. His students are able to quickly learn songs and understand the theory and structure that makes those songs work. 

Torin is an adept player and songwriter on several instruments and is experienced with Digital Audio Workstations such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and various other production softwares. He is also a co-developer for the popular music education app, Hook Theory and the founder of SolJAMM LLC -- a company which creates digital instruments and computer software designed to make playing instruments a more accessible and fun experience.

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2558 Green Bay Rd, Highland Park, IL 60035