Fender 1951 Telecaster Replacement Neck
Fender 1951 Telecaster Replacement Neck
Fender 1951 Telecaster Replacement Neck
Fender 1951 Telecaster Replacement Neck

Fender 1951 Telecaster Replacement Neck MX19103089

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Lot's of things can happen over the life of a guitar. Years in improper storage, heavy usage, and no maintenance are all things that can lead to a series of expensive repairs. We live in an interesting time in which manufacturing has become so much faster, easier and cheaper that in some cases, we just recommend getting a new neck rather than putting work in to one that would cost more to get to it's potential. We've hit a tipping point.

Crafted at Fender's Ensenada, Mexico manufacturing facility, this genuine Fender® Telecaster® neck features a Fat U Shape a'la the necks of the early 1950's. Super comfortable "U"-shaped profile and 9.5"-radius on a Maple fingerboard with 21, 6105 frets which equal pure awesomeness. This is a great neck for the Tele-vangelist. The 9.5" Fretboard Radius, lends itself to low action and easy bends while the vintage frets make allow for fast runs across the fretboard.

The synthetic bone nut is pre-slotted with "pilot" grooves for accurate spacing when filing the final string slots. This replacement neck is the perfect way to give your Tele® authentic Fender feel. We do recommend upgrading to an authentic Bone Nut, cut in our Plek Machine by George. This guarantee's better tuning, a brighter and louder acoustic sound, and a more resonant playing experience.

The Partscaster is here to stay! People love to do it and so do we! So we are ramping up our after market parts and replacement parts to help facilitate all the cool projects that keep walking in! While these necks are drop in replacements on most Fender and T- Style bodies it won't fit every mill's neck pocket, so take good measurements or better yet pop by the shop and make sure you're going to get a snug neck pocket! While you're here we can talk other upgrade options like a bone nut, a Plek Fret Dress, and tuning machine options (including using your old tuning machines).

Why buy some other no name after market neck when you can get a Genuine Fender Replacement neck?
  • Fender
  • 1951 Telecaster Neck
  • Fat U Shape
  • Maple Construction
  • 21 x 6105 Frets
  • 9.5" Radius
  • Made in Ensenada, Mexico
  • UPC 885978071777
  • Model Number 0990802821

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