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Fender® Original Vintage Telecaster Pickup Set

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Fender's Original Vintage Telecaster Pickups will give you that prized Telecaster tone!

These pickups provide accurate 50's Tele twang. Has that edge and classic warmth that tele players have loved for over 60 years. A great pickup for country, blues and early rock. Sound great with just a little bit of overdrive. If your Telecaster needs a bit more spark and twang check these pickups out.

Need them installed? We have a full service repair shop and would be more than happy to do that for you.

  • Style Pure Vintage
  • Configuration SS
  • Cover Color Neck: Nickel Cover. Bridge: Black Cover
  • Magnet Type Alnico 3
  • Magnet Wire Enamel-coated
  • DC Resistance Neck: 7.2k, Bridge: 6.6k
  • Inductance Neck: 2.45 Henries, Bridge: 3.27 Henries
  • Bobbin Material Fiber Lead Wire Cloth-covered
  • Pole Pieces Flush-mount
  • Tone Vintage Output Vintage (1 out of 5)
  • Recommended for Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and Pop.

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