Mesa/Boogie Stowaway Compact Input Buffer

Mesa/Boogie Stowaway Compact Input Buffer

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The Mesa/Boogie Stowaway compact pedalboard input buffer sends the signal your amplifier needs for a direct-in feel and sound, even through long pedalboard runs. The Stowaway effectively corrects any signal load and impedance mismatches presented by involved pedal setups and extended cable runs. And it is engineered with 100% discrete Class A circuitry with RFI filtering for the cleanest possible signal. Add the Mesa/Boogie Stowaway compact input pedalboard buffer to your signal chain, and you'll notice how it makes your inactive pedals seem to disappear.

  • Pedalboard buffer
  • 100% discrete Class A circuitry is clean and efficient
  • Corrects signal loading and impedance mismatching
  • Delivers the direct-into-amp feel and tone
  • Compact size easily mounts onto all pedalboards

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