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Plek Machine Service: New Nut

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Poor tuning stability, strings too close to the frets, use the trem and go out of tune, strings slip after bends. All these problems can be solved with our Plek Machine! We've begin cutting new nuts with our Plek Machine for the utmost in precision! Pick your material, we suggest bone, we remove your old nut, size a new blank piece of your chosen material into the original nut slot and then program the Plek to cut the nut with your preferred gauge of string. 

The Plek cuts the slots to the perfect depth for optimum tone, playability, and tuning stability. We polish and dress the nut by hand once it's cut so the nut comes out looking with that glossy wet look. If you are upgrading from plastic, you'll immediately notice an increase in acoustic volume and resonance. Bone used as a nut material seems to carry and transfer resonance in a much more musical way. Some materials seem to swallow frequency's ad not let them ring but bone always seems to be an improvement.

Other materials that we have work with include Pre-Ban Ivory, Fossilized Walrus Tusk, Black Buffalo horn, and Tusq. All have properties to them that give them a unique tone. We suggest doing some research online to see the pro's and con's of the materials. 

The nut and the bridge are the 2 contact points for the strings so with out a properly cut nut your guitar will never reach it's playing potential. We highly recommend a new nut when doing a Plek and practically insist upon one when doing a refret as the new nut will be dressed perfectly to the height of your new frets. Often, a nut is lowered over the years after a level and crow, so we highly recommend doing them in tandem. 

For more information, please give us a call and ask to speak with George. George is our resident Plek Tech and can certainly explain exactly what The Music Gallery and our Plek Machine can do for your favorite guitars. 847-432-6350

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