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Student Spotlight: Penelope K.

Young girl with Ukulele
Penelope K.
Penelope is a curious, determined, and thoughtful student who takes ukulele and songwriting lessons at The Music Gallery.

Getting to know Penelope and helping her craft her ideas and express her creativity through songwriting has been an awesome experience. She's had a specific taste for her music since we met her. Some of the repertoire she's conquered on the ukulele includes Pachelbel's Canon in D, Autumn Leaves, and several original songs.

MG: What do you enjoy about playing the ukulele?

P: I don't know. I like everything. I just like the idea of being able to play music.

MG: What are some of your favorite bands or some of your favorite songs?

P: Well, some of my favorite bands are Vampire Weekend, The Flaming Lips, The Beatles. My favorite song by Vampire Weekend is This Life, my favorite song by The Flaming Lips is She Don't Use Jelly, and my favorite song by The Beatles is Hey Jude.

MG: So, you write songs now too. How did that start?

P: It started okay. I made a song called "I like cats better than dogs," then I made "Oh, Rain," and now I'm working on something new.

MG: How are you involved in music away from The Music Gallery?

P: Well, I mean, I have a music class at school, I practice at home, and my dad listens to music.

What do you think you've learned here that you wouldn't have learned somewhere else?

P: Well, I learned how to write a song. I mean, who doesn't like that! I've learned a lot of stuff.

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