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Pickups by Pete A. Flynn

Tone. It comes 1st. Well, it should come 1st. Many of us are easily distracted by a great-looking piece of figured wood, a striking metallic finish, or the cathedral grain on swamp ash peering out from a translucent butterscotch blonde finish. But beyond aesthetics, beyond specs, once it's plugged in, it's ALL about tone. That's why there is a seemingly endless supply of after-market pickup manufacturers. Many winders make great pickups but not pickups that are that different from one another or that are specifically catered to your needs. And that's where Pickups by Pete. A Flynn enters the conversation.

With 40+ years in the Guitar World, along the way, Pete has co-owned Flynn Guitars with his Brother, Michael. Is one of the few renowned techs in the Chicago Area and is our Refret Specialist. He has built numerous guitars, worked on 10's of thousands of them, and is a walking encyclopedia of rock n' roll and guitar-related knowledge. With a deep understanding of "this + that = this tone", Pete takes the time to listen to your needs, puts them 1st, and delivers pickups that are truly made to order. Look, if you want a Pan Pizza, no thin and crispy crust is going to cut it, no matter how good it is!

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