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Heritage Guitars | The Music Gallery

Heritage Guitars was founded in 1985 after the Gibson Factory in Kalamazoo was shut down to move production down south. A lot of the employees didn't want to leave Michigan, so they stuck around and started a new company using the old factory. In 2019, we see Heritage adopting some more modern approaches to guitar making, offering more consistency and a faster build process.

Heritage Guitars certainly are still our favorite alternative to other set neck, double bucker, mahogany/maple guitars. Hand crafted by real luthiers paying mind to all the details a player with intimate knowledge of a guitar will notice means you get a guitar you'll love more with every strum or lick. 

Making Solid, Semi Hollow, and Hollow Body guitars, Heritage is now combining boutique after market upgrades like Lollar or Seymour Duncan Pickups into their guitars. They have never played better, sounded better, or looked better. Thanks in part to now utilizing CNC machines for some of the menial carving tasks, each Heritage that shows up continues to impress.

Heritage is also building Custom Shop Guitars with specs and features of your choosing. So if what you want isn't what you see, send us a message to discuss possibilities. From body shapes, to woods, electronics, and finishes, check out their Custom Collection Page to get a little (or a lot ) of inspiration.  

We keep a nice selection of Heritage in stock at all times and can special order anything you may be able to concoct. Try an H-575 for Jazz, a H-530 for you The Beatles / John Lennon Fan's, or an H-150 for all the Les Paul player's out there. Heritage Guitars are certainly worth playing when looking for a new guitar, especially when comparing prices and features. Stop by The Music Gallery to experience what Heritage Guitars has to offer! 

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