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Guitar Nut Repair and Replacement | The Music Gallery

Let our Tech's and Plek Machine cut you a new nut!

The Nut is one of the most important parts on your guitar. After all, it acts as not only the seat, but also the contact point for the strings before they are secured into the tuning pegs. This little thing is typically made of plastic or bone and while most manufacturers do their best to make sure their nuts offer maximum tuning stability and tone, many of them come up short. Sure, some do a great job! PRS and Martin Guitars both immediately come to mind. Both their materials and execution really leave nothing to be desired. However on many import guitar, a nut is chosen from a part bin, glued in place and not really treated much after but you know that's not how we do things here!

Bone Nut on a Fender Custom Shop RelicThe Bone Nut on a Fender Custom Shop Relic.

Throughout this page, you'll some examples of different guitar nut materials. Our favorite material to replace an either broken, lost, or worn out nut is bone. It is brighter, louder, and much longer lasting than plastic. Plastic nuts are very common these days and really don't do much for your guitar's tone. Our process is better than it has ever been. We use our Plek Machine to cut the string slots for guitar nuts and they have never been more accurate! Pick your favorite strings gauge and let the Plek Machine tailor it's playability to your preferences. 

A Nylon Nut on a Gibson 59 Les Paul Reissue.

We can also touch up nuts that have issues like having been slotted to low or perhaps need a shim. Over the last 45 years, there isn't much we haven't replaced, fixed, or created when it comes to Guitar Nuts! 

Nut on a PRS Hollowbody Electric GuitarA Graphite Nut on a PRS Hollowbody.

 epiphone acoustic bone nut

A Bone Nut on a Vintage Epiphone Acoustic

Questions? Send us an email, find us on social media, or give us a call! George or Chip can help answer any questions, address any concerns, and help you plot the best course of action to get your guitar playing it's best.  

Cut a New Bone Nut via the Plek Machine or By Hand =  starts at $100.


Modify an existing Nut, depends on work = $80 an hour

Watch the Plek Machine in Action Cutting a Nut