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McPherson Acoustic Guitars | The Music Gallery

McPherson Guitars are some of the finest made. Hands down, bar none, period. They are 5 star guitar in all regards. Playability, craftsmanship, and tone. They offer a unique look which also offers unique performance.

The first thing many notice right away is the offset sound hole. This change of traditional placement essentially moved a structural weakness in acoustic guitars to a place that allowed for increased volume and projection. Another benefit is that the tone the audience hears is closer to what the player hears. The sound immediately projects up towards the player. You'll notice how McPherson Guitars can go to 11, 12, and even 13 in some cases, absolutely washing out lesser guitars trying to compete in the mix.

The bracing system from McPherson Guitars is unique as well. None of the braces interlock which gives you a system of tunnels and bridges. The result is the MOST resonant, vibrant, and lively playing experience you'll ever encounter.

The McPherson neck profile is a thing of beauty. A Slight, Soft V is present but not dominating the profile like a Vintage Martin. It is a slimmer profile which a gradual taper as you play up the neck. Mahogany and Ebony are their usual choices for tonewoods. The neck itself is cantilevered which is borrowed from Arch Top designs. Not having the fretboard glued to the body allows for a more resonant neck and body. It also makes any neck work in the future considerably easier to accomplish.

Wood choices for the top include Spruce, Cedar, and Redwood that all provide some special sauce to each recipe. Each has it's strong suit so getting to hear them all is a revealing experience. Wood choices for the back and sides are quite plentiful. Rosewood, Cocobolo, Tasmanian Blackwood, Figured Maple, Koa, and Macassar Striped Ebony are just a few of the recent examples we have seen. Again, each provides some special to the overall tonal qualities of any instrument. McPherson understands the wood combo platter like very few. They offer only Supreme Quality Woods which yield supreme sounding guitars.

Hand-made in Sparta, Wisconsin, McPherson Guitars are a game-changer, You can't un-experience something. You can't un-hear something and you can't un-play something. Guitar Addicts, you have been warned!
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