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Fender Bass Guitars | The Music Gallery

The Fender Electric Bass. Whether it's a Precision or a Jazz, it's iconic. Every single bass player has had to have one of these in their collection. They are both staples of the low end industry. The punch and assertive aggressiveness of a P-Bass or the warm, rich multi dimensionality of the Jazz, these two basses are arguably the 2 most recorded in music history. So you can see why their tones are so sought after.

Fender is delivering products from true player's and professionals. Their quality is far exceeding their expense. In fact, the Fender Elite Series is offering functionality and playability on a level that some Custom Shop Instruments don't attain! Active or Passive pickup functionality teamed with a superb preamp means you can have ALL the necessary sounds with just one instrument. Bound Fingerboards, Ebony Fingerboards with Block Inlays, all sorts of cool visual touches to ooh and ahh over. 

With the American Professional and American Performer series, we see function and fashion blending seamlessly. With modern neck profiles and specs, these basses are playable for days and thanks to fine tuned pickups, the classic sounds you need are right under your fingers, literally. 

The Player's Series coming out of Fender's Ensenada Factory in Mexico make some of the finest basses for the money you'll ever play. Modern Neck profiles, flatter fingerboards, bigger frets, a seriously impressive pickups come together at a price that can fit just about any budget. 

With the Legacy of Fender Basses reaching back to 1950, you have just about 70 years to lean on if you are on the fence about which direction to go. A Fender Bass is a quintessential part of any bassists collection so make sure to take a look at our current inventory then stop in to give them a try.

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