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The LiquiSlide™

The LiquiSlide is the finest SlideBar none!

The Finest Slidebar None!

The Liquislide™ is a patented musical instrument slidebar, designed by Michael Flynn. Liquislide is made from the highest quality Borosilicate glass and is a double-walled slide, essentially one slide inside of another. A hollow chamber between the walls is filled by hand with proprietary fluid(s) that not only give LiquiSlide their killer look but also can provide different tonal qualities.

The LiquiSlide also features a rounded tip that allows for the angling of notes not typically accessible with a traditional slide bar. Users stated they have experienced a more balanced frequency response, richer tone, increased harmonics, more sustain, less string rattle, and a smoother-more fluid feel.

LiquiSlide is manufactured in very small batches for the time being so make sure to get one while you can! These are EXCEPTIONALLY difficult to make, with only a few places on the planet capable of manufacturing them. We believe LiquiSlide is truly a game changer for slide players and we think you'll agree as well. The Music Gallery of Highland Park is the exclusive retailer of LiquiSlide. Stop by the shop to test one out!

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