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RainSong Acoustic Guitars | The Music Gallery

RainSong Acoustic Carbon Fiber Guitars are beyond impressive. These guitars are practically indestructible, weather and humidity proof. What they offer in terms of durability doesn't detract from the tones either! With RainSong's constantly revamping and pushing the envelope, we have experienced their commitment to excellence first hand and are very proud to be one of their longest stocking dealers.

Quite often we see special editions and limited colors, one of the benefits to having such a longstanding relationship with the company. We have sold RainSong Acoustic Electric Carbon Fiber Guitars to players of all kinds since the idea of a maintenace free guitar is far too alluring to ignore. Especially once you have had a guitar made from organic materials get dehydrated or check up from temperature shock. 

Here is Chicago, the shift in weather is brutal. 100 degress and 90% humidity in the summer and Sub Zero temps in the winter with practically no humidity absolutely take a physical toll on any wood guitar. Well, a RainSong could spend it's life in the trunk of your car and be just fine. Heck, you could paddle a boat with one and play a show with it that evening! RainSong Acoustic Electric Carbon Fiber Guitars for the win! 

RainSong is also about great tone, though. Evident through their evolving product line that now includes a hybrid top with crushed glass mixed with Carbon Fiber. Great Electronics and Cutaway Body Design give you everything you need to have one guitar that can do it all. 

If you love to travel and love to play guitar then a carbon fiber guitar is for you. Stop by The Music Gallery and play a handful of RainSong Acoustic Electric Carbon Fiber Guitars and we promise you'll be impressed. And while you're here, you'll get to stack them up against some other leading Carbon Fiber and Synthetic Material manufacturers guaranteeing you get the right guitar for your wants and needs!

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