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Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Guitars | The Music Gallery

Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Guitars are our specialty. They truly are the best the company has to offer. From an expertly executed relic to an elaborately inlaid art piece, the Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilder's are simply the best of the best. We have been with the Fender Custom Shop since its inception and can attest to the fact that a Masterbuilt guitar from Fender is the best Fender that money can buy, now, or ever! Sure, the vintage ones are... vintage. These guitars are built by the best luthiers Fender has found, utilizing modern manufacturing techniques, yielding tolerances far tighter than anything done in the years without CNC Machines. These truly are simply the best, made-to-order guitars that you can get from the Fender Custom Shop. We have been lucky to see pieces from former Masterbuilder's like John English and Jay Black. These days you'll commonly find pieces from Dale Wilson, Todd Krause, Dennis Galuszka, Paul Waller, Jason Smith, Yuriy Shishkov, Greg Fessler, Ron Thorn, Carlos Lopez, Kyle McMillin, and Vincent Van Trigt. That's right, all of em! Granted we have a hard time keeping Masterbuilt's in stock for long so make sure to check back often to see the latest and greatest!
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