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Fender Custom Shop Guitars | The Music Gallery

The Fender Custom Shop, known as the Dream Factory, is capable of building the guitar of your dreams. Founded in 1987, we have watched the Custom Shop evolve over the years and become a true industry leader. For the true player's out there, there is no better Fender to own than one bearing the Custom Shop logo. Years ago player's were saying that if Fender built them the way they did pre CBS-era, that they would happily cough up the money. Fender listened and over the last 30 years have put together the most player centric Custom Shop you could ask for! Every guitar from the Fender Custom Shop has a considerable amount of hands-on time during the build process. Perfectly shaped, custom neck profiles that are Era-specific or even customer specific. Love the neck on a 69 Strat but want it on a Nocaster? Fine! How about a Jazzmaster neck on a Telecaster body? You got it! The Fender Custom Shop has no fear, so if you can dream it, they can build it! Some projects do require the touch of a Masterbuilder as some builds are just too complex to have a team of builders handle it. Call or write us today with your dream guitar and we will let you know the cost, estimated time for it to be built, and whether or not it would require the touch of one of Fender's Masterbuilders. 

We have dozens of Team Built Fender Custom Shop Guitars in stock at all times so stop by to experience a considerable amount of the possible options and configurations the Custom Shop is known for! Hand wound pickups from Josephina. Master Finishing work from Jay Nelson. The best woods Fender can get their hands on. The best Fender factory employees plucked and re-homed in the Custom Shop. Until you experience a Fender Custom Shop made instrument, it's impossible to understand just how great a guitar can be!

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