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Our Vocal Coaches are talented, dedicated professional music teachers and musicians whose passion shows in everything they do. Their enthusiasm for living a musical life conflated with her desire to help students in their own music life creates a comfortable and safe space where students feel the freedom to express, explore, and discover their own voice. Anyone from absolute beginners to an experienced vocalist will receive individualized lessons to help reach and exceed their personal goals.
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Singing Lessons for Beginners
Our vocal coaches believe in the importance of vocal health in singers of all ages and will work with students on an individualized basis to develop these habits early on. Beginners can start to discover the potential of their voices in  a comfortable and supportive environment with exercises specially designed to help develop musical ear, strong breath support, tone production, and vocal control. Beginner Singers can also expect to spend time getting familiar with piano as an essential practice tool to advance vocal awareness more quickly.

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Advanced Singing Lessons
Hone your skills in harmonization, power, phrasing, diction, and more with the help of our expert vocal instructors. Our professional vocal staff can help students unlock their potential with techniques, exercises, and repertoire that targets the areas necessary to the next step in vocal performance. We are able to offer guidance in a multitude of genres and applications. Work on memorization, sight singing, and classical techniques when preparing for an audition or work on letting loose with riffs, belting, and more with our help!

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Piano and Voice
We suggest all vocalists spend time at the piano and instrumentalists spend time singing. Instrumentalists such as guitarists and pianists often use singing to reinforce their skills on the instrument even though they are not necessarily singers. Vocalists can also experience tremendous benefits from playing the piano even though they may not necessarily be pianists. Vocalists who spend time at the piano gain a musical edge by learning to read music, developing pitch and rhythm skills, learning the role of an accompanist, and developing the ability to compose and accompany yourself. Instrumentalists who spend time singing internalize their sense of pitch and quickly create more lyrical phrases in their playing.

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