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Fender Guitars | The Music Gallery

Fender has been the electric guitar industry leader since the late 1940's. Leo Fender started the company and many of his inventions are still regarded as the best in terms of functionality. In fact, his designs have spawned more copycats than any other brand or manufacturer, hands down! The Music Gallery of Highland Park has been a Fender dealer since opening in 1974. We have always done our best to represent their fine products but these days, that job has never been easier. With their focus on quality guitars with player-centric specs, their dedication toward their fanbase is undeniable. With factories in the USA, Mexico, Japan, and China, Fender has a global manufacturing presence and no other guitar maker offers more for the money. 

Since the inception of the Fender company in the late 1940's, Fender Guitars have been a staple with an undeniable impact on the history of recorded music. Any guitarist with a career that spanned more than a couple records eventually used a Fender somewhere along the way. Often imitated, but never surpassed, Fender has continued making some of the most sought after guitars on the planet. Strat's, Tele's, Jazzmaster's and Jaguar's are still on stage, nightly with some of the best song writers and players still in the game. 

Practically every professional guitars/bassist that plugs in an instrument, owns at least one Fender, if not a dozen of them. Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, P Bass, Jazz Bass, and the Mustang are just the most popular models from Fender. They certainly have their share of esoteric, funky models that time has forgotten, as well. Here at The Music Gallery you can experience just about everything that Fender currently has to offer, from Squier to the Custom Shop and everything in between, we have got something of everything!

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