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Fender Amplifiers | The Music Gallery

Fender Amplifiers like the Champ, Deluxe, Princeton, Twin and Bassman helped shaped the sound of music as we know it. They have been heard on 10's of thousand of songs and stages since the early 1950's. From our experiences, a Deluxe Reverb is one of the most familiar sounding amps out there, evident by an immediate ear to ear grin upon hearing one. The time tested usage of these amps across all platforms is why we still stock and sell these amps today. Fender amps were used in the making of some of your favorite songs. Period. They don't just rest on their laurels, though... there is much to explore in the world of modeling!

With computer chips, bluetooth, and wireless tech finding their way into everything, it was only a matter of time til guitar amps succumbed. And while some companies have been at it for awhile, it's their commitment to making the next version so much better that the leap in quality is undeniable. Take for instance the new Mustang Amps that come with an Ap that allows you to change settings via your phone. 31 Amp Models and 62 Effects built in means you get to experience more options and learn how to dial in the unique tone that suits your playing. 

With classic amp stylings that are still 'borrowed' by other makers, it's impossible not to appreciate how cool Fender amps look. Black or Silver Panels, sparkly grill clothes with intricately woven patterns, the simple classic of Tweed. These things have become timeless, the things people become obsessed with. 

We tend to stock the smaller, more portable Fender Amplifiers as the larger, higher wattage amps aren't what most of our customers are looking for. We are an Authorized Fender Dealer so if you need that Fender Twin Reverb, we are happy to get one for you! Check out the inventory below, then stop in to demo our in stock amps. 

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