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Drum Lessons | The Music Gallery of Highland Park

Our Drum instructors are committed to making you a better drummer. These dedicated, professional music teachers can help beginner percussionists enter the diverse worlds of percussion. Although our bread and butter is drum set, we are happy to help you with on-field battery instruments, auxiliary percussion, or hand drums such as Djembe or Cajon.

We teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles. Our enthusiasm for rhythm and music combined with their dedication to helping students march to their own beat creates a comfortable space for students to explore and discover the drums. Anyone from absolute beginners to experienced drummers receives personalized lesson plans to help reach and exceed their personal goals.

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Drum Lessons for Beginners
Pad practice and rudiments are important parts of learning to play the drums, but they aren't the most exciting parts. That's why beginner drummers at The Music Gallery hop on the kit and make music right away with exercises and repertoire that reinforce the same essential concepts as pad will such as technique, stick control, rhythm & groove, essential rudiments, and much more!

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Advanced Drum Lessons

Paradiddlediddle, Flamacue, Patafla-fla, Swiss Army Triplet. If these terms make sense to you, you might be ready for advanced drum lessons. Drum language can be complex, and our instructors will challenge any drummer with a wide variety of technical exercises designed to improve your speed and comfort while reinforcing the rudimentary concepts the give drummers great time, technique, and control.

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Drum With a Band!

Playing music with other people is the absolute best way to improve your skills, have some fun, and make friends in the process. We suggest drummers spend time playing with other musicians and gaining an understanding of other instrumentalist roles in the band context. Not only is this a fun way to share your musical experience with others, but this practice of listening to your bandmates offers some serious insight into your own playing and how to fit into the groove in a variety of situations.

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