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Bass Guitar Lessons | The Music Gallery of Highland Park

Our Bass Guitar instructors are dedicated professional music teachers who teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles. They love helping students create their own musical lives through continuous focus on rhythm, harmony, techniques, musicality, and other sought after skills in a bassist. They create comfortable, yet challenging space for students to express, explore, and discover the joyful duties of playing the bass. Anyone from absolute an beginner starting form the ground up to seasoned pros looking for fresh eyes will receive personalized lesson plans to help them decode the low end and play more bass!
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Bass Lessons for Beginners
Beginners make music right away with exercises, games, and repertoire that reinforce essential concepts such as essential techniques, control, rhythm & groove, notes on the fretboard, and much more! Our teachers can walk you through the basics of rock, jazz, hip hop, metal, funk, and much more in our beginner lessons.

Calvin playing bass on stage 
Advanced Bass Lessons
Bass language can be complex. Our instructors will challenge any players with a wide variety of exercises and repertoire designed to target various right hand techniques, left hand techniques, fretboard knowledge, and scalar utility. Advanced bass students will understand how to create their own walking bass lines in several styles, slap without taking over the band, cleverly use space, and much more!
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Play Bass in a Band!
Playing music with other people is the absolute best way to improve your skills, have some fun, and make friends in the process. Bassists should play with other musicians to gain understanding of other instrumentalists roles in the band context. Not only is this a fun way to share your musical experience with others, but this practice of listening to your bandmates offers some serious insight into your own playing and how to fit into the groove in a variety of situations.

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