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Sonic Pipe Amplifiers | The Music Gallery

Sonic Pipe Amplifiers is the creation of Tom Fleissner. An Electrical Engineer by trade who has a unique vision towards amp production. All of Tom's designs are hand built yet remarkably affordable. Whether the amps are made from re-purposed Vintage technology or if they push the concept of portable practice amp into new territories, you can be sure that Tom considered every angle of design along the way.

Sonic Pipe Amps are built in limited numbers and The Music Gallery is the only authorized stocking dealer. In fact, we have even helped designed a Tube Head that doubles as a direct box and triples as a headphone amp. Yep, an actual Tube Headphone amp. Even better, it works for bass and electric guitar. Check out Thumper for more details.

The Tweedtone Series is based of the classic 5 Watt Champ design but with an added tone control, speaker out, and tube rectifier. We offer it in a 8" and 10" with a classic tweed dress or black tolex. The perfectly portable amp for practice, rehearsal or the studio. 

The Knob, Sonic Pipe's most interesting amp is made from a 1960's Tone Generator that is repurposed to an 18/9 watt head amplifier. Gain and Volume tied to a large knob with 4 voice settings. Truly a unique sounding amp with surprising quality of tone, not just for the price but at ANY price.

All of the Sonic Pipe Amps are hand made in Northern Illinois and each one can be customized in numerous ways. Make sure to check out each product page for the full scoop on them. New products and refinements are always in the works so make sure to check back often for news! Stop in to try out the Sonic Pipe Amps product line. We try to keep all the amps in stock but since they are built on a to order basis, they can come and go pretty fast!

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