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What is The Janka Hardness Scale?

What is The Janka Hardness Scale?

If you have spent any time perusing Matt’s Blog, or our guitar listings, you may have come across my articles about specific tone woods like Alder, Ash, Spruce, Maple, Ebony, etc. A term that comes up in all those articles is Janka Scale. In the simplest of terms, Janka = hardness. The Janka Test is a rating, or ranking system, for how hard different woods are.
So, you wanna build a Partscaster: Making Mr. Burgundy

So, you wanna build a Partscaster: Making Mr. Burgundy

On this edition of Matt’s Blog, I’m going to cover in tedious, over-bearing, nuanced detail, mind you, my latest Partscaster build! If you’ve chatted with me in the store there is a good chance I have bored you with mansplanations surrounding my various ventures down Partscaster Way. Well, get ready for one in written form!
What is Roasted Wood?

What is Roasted Wood?

Roasted, Caramelized, Vulcanized, Heat Treated, Torrified, call it what you want, manufacturers sure do! Heating up wood in order to change its cellular structure and reduce its moisture content is what it is, regardless of adjective! Ok, now that I have got that off my keyboard, let’s dive a little deeper.

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