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Electric Guitars | The Music Gallery

Is there anything cooler or more iconic than the electric guitar? So many Legends earned that status with a Strat or Les Paul slung around their neck. While Fender and Gibson have long been the 2 big fish in a sea of minnows, we are seeing incredible work from all over the globe. Thanks to technology, amazing guitars are coming out of China, Korea, and Indonesia and we are happy to pay some mind to these amazing values! You'll find a wealth of affordable guitars here to choose from that all play great and stay in tune!

Since the first production electric guitars emerged in the late 40's and early 50's, we have seen many improvements but those classic shapes and designs have withstood the test of time. Flatter or compound fretboard radius, larger/wider fret wire, the Floyd Rose, High Output Humbuckers, Noiseless Single Coil Pickups, Robot Tuners (or not) the list goes on and on. At The Music Gallery, you can experience something at every level from some of the worlds most sought after brands. 

While we love these guitars are the value they carry, The Music Gallery is well known the world over for our incredible Custom guitars. Custom Fender, PRS, Gibson, and Gretsch one of a kind guitars are common. As one of the few dealers that can get any product from the Fender Custom Shop including revered models like the SRV #1, John Mayer's The Black One, or even the new Jimmy Page Tele, we see the coolest stuff around. If you need guidance finding the guitar of your dreams, let the guys at The Music Gallery steer you in the right direction. Stop by or keep scrolling to check out our cultivated collection of guitars, personally selected by Frank, George, Matt, and Spencer. The Music Gallery of Highland Park, since 1974.

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