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Acoustic Guitars | The Music Gallery

Since 1974, The Music Gallery of Highland Park has carried the best acoustic guitars around. Not only do we get the best guitars but we also treat them better than any one else. Our humidity controlled rooms guarantee that your guitar comes home with you from a picture perfect environment. We also love to educate our customers about proper humidity and our favorite product that is so easy, a guitar player could use it!

On top of our great guitars and humidity controlled rooms, we have George MacPhail as our resident tech. A walking encyclopedia of fretted instrument knowledge that has been working on guitars since the 1960's. Currently, George can be found inspecting and setting up incoming inventory in between running jobs on our Plek Machine. All new guitars are fully inspected and setup to optimum performance so that anything you take off the wall will play great! From the least expensive to the most expensive, they all get treated to the same inspection and set up process from a seasoned professional.

These days, we have Martin, Martin Custom Shop, McPherson, Taylor, Gibson Acoustics, Blackbird Acoustics, Rainsong, Simon and Patrick, Fender Acoustics, and Gretsch Acoustics. We stock at least 75 acoustic guitars at all times at a variety of price points from as little as $169 to $50,000. When you come to The Music Gallery you get to experience the best manufacturers have to offer! 

We also understand tonewoods, construction methods, and how these things add up to find you exactly what you are looking for. Sizing guitars is something we specialize in. Many times we see kids playing guitars too large for them or even adults who are playing guitars that aggravate things like back issues, tendinitis, or other muscle pain. If you need some help finding the perfect fit for you, stop by The Music Gallery of Highland Park and talk with one of our experts!

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