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Guitar Setup | The Music Gallery

We have been setting up guitar since the 1970's, an era not exactly revered for it's build quality. So we cut our teeth on the tough stuff! Making a CBS era Strat with a 1/4" neck pocket gap, 3 bolt design, and sub par tuners, play well is a trial by fire for any tech. 

But our guys George MacPhail, Chip Jurkovac, and Pete Flynn have set up countless instruments over their decades of doing this. People often remark how great all our instruments play right off the wall. And that is thanks to George and his ability to make any instruments play amazingly well. Our Squier's play like high end Fender Guitar thanks to his experienced touch. All the instruments available for sale at The Music Gallery aren't even put on display until they have passed through George's bench and received his blessing. This kind of experience can only be gained by doing this day in and out for decades. People even ship us guitars for George to se them up.

Chip Jurkovac: Our long time repair tech with experience at both Dean and Hamer during their hey-day's. Chip's work is phenomenal. He has rebuilt guitars that were shattered in car wrecks. Fixed the nastiest headstock breaks you have ever seen and made the breaks unnoticeable. Touched up finishes brilliantly. Buffed out finishes to perfection. And executes  some of the finest, fastest playing setups you'll ever experience. In fact Michael "Angelo" Batio (former instructor here at the Music Gallery) is one of Chip's most dedicated clients! Chip has great touch, the kind you want your repair man to have! 

Pete Flynn: With over thirty years of experience in guitar repair Pete brings his expertise to The Music Gallery. Pete's past clients include Prince, Robert Cray, Ric Hall of the Buddy Guy Band, Johnny Winter, Lonnie Brooks, Luther Allison, Nick Tremulos, Rick Barnes, Son Seals, Toronzo Cannon, Dave Forte, Wayne Baker Brooks, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Tallan Latz, Don Laferty, Pat Fleming, Danny Shaffer, Jimmy Murphy, Joe Don Rooney, Guy King, Dave Specter, Dave Wood, Mark Hladish, Bucky Barrett, Nick Bell, JW Rice, Glenn Davis, Christ Forte, Dave Salzman, Don Laferty, David Enlow, Todd Richardson, Darryl Jones, Nancy Wilson, Jim Egan, Vino Louden, Wishbone Ash, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Motley Crue, John Hughes, Steve Albini, Bill Cartwright-(Chicago Bulls), Rick Barnes, Rory Gallagher, Mike Sassetti, Fareed Hague, Son Seals, Robert Fetzer, Greg Simmons, Lefty Diz, Los Lobo, Aerosmith… Need we say more?


Prices for Guitar Set-Ups:

  • Basic Trem/Non Trem/Bass/Acoustic = $60, plus strings

  • Locking Tremolo Set Up = $75 and up, plus strings

  • 12 String Set up = $75 and up, plus strings


Restring without Setup:

  • Basic Restring Guitar/Bass = $30, plus strings (6 strings only)

  • Basic Restring 12 String = $55, plus strings

  • Basic Restring No Setup, Locking Trem = $40, plus strings


Here's a video of one of our repair techs, Pete Flynn, going through his re-string process!