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Carr Amplifiers are some of the finest amps made. Using some time tested platforms like the Deluxe and Princeton Reverb, AC-30, and the Bassman, Steve Carr upgraded the designs with more robust transformers, higher quality speakers, and many High Grade Hi-Fi Audio Components to achieve a level of balance and articulation that you just don't get of of vintage amps. We try to explain Carr Amps as the 'Monitor' of the guitar amplifier world. There is no more balanced Amp on the market. Huge peaks and valleys in frequency response are tamed by carefully cultivating a circuit with no expenses spared. 

Compact Designs and manageable weight are two considerations Carr takes in to account with every model. The Raleigh, a 13 lbs 1x10 Combo 3 watt combo, perfect for at home practice since it never gets loud enough to hurt the ears. The Rambler, a 41 lbs  Princeton Reverb and Deluxe Reverb in one thanks to selectable wattage. With an extraordinary reverb and tremolo circuit, cleans never sounded this clean, this articulate. The 40+ Watt, 50 lbs 1x12 Impala can do glassy cleans and ferocious drive even at low volumes thanks to Carr's amazing built in Attenuator Master Volume. Every Carr Amp made is done with the same impeccable attention to detail on all facets of the amp. 

Stop by and try our in stock collection of Carr Amps. Check the inventory below to see if we have the Model in the dress you are looking for and if not, we can always get it for you. We love the Gator Tolex so that tends to be how we dress them up but make sure to check out Carr's website to see all the available options. Need advice on the perfect Carr Amp for your needs? Give The Music Gallery a call, we can help!

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