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Student Spotlight: Radio City

Radio City Then and Now | The Music Gallery

This group of musicians has been taking guitar lessons, drum lessons, and group lessons with instructor Spencer Johnson for the better part of a decade. Over that time they've shown a great dedication and respect for the music they've created which has ranged from songs hand selected as a band to songs they've written themselves.

We've watched them grow in both the figurative and literal senses as individuals and as a unit. Their teamwork was able to propel into Radio City a tight knit group of friends and solid sounding rock band. They have put hours upon hours of attention into their band which has taught them the results perseverance and delaying gratification. They worked together to play songs that everyone in the group wanted to play which taught them a certain level of humility and compromise. They learned what it means to be disciplined and part of something bigger than themselves. Above all else, they had a good time doing it!

We at The Music Gallery are especially proud to have offered the platform for these awesome folks to come together and do something they love. Playing music in a band with your friends is one of the purest joys we've seen. It is a joy that teaches people to be intent listeners, humble players, and strong musicians. Thanks to Radio City for their many years of dedication to music!

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