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Teacher Feature: Bill Uhler

Bill Uhler
MG: How long have you been teaching guitar lessons?
B: 25 years
MG: Do you have any hobbies or interests apart from music?
B: Spending time with my wife (Julie) outdoors going for long walks or working in the yard. Watching football when the Bears are winning! Going to movies.

MG: Have you learned any valuable life-skills through music?
B: Whatever I practice religiously will shape my character and my character will always be a work in progress. No matter what level I attain I can always strive to be better.
MG: Can you think of any piece of advice every musician should know?
B: If there ever was a magic wand... it's; 1. working/practicing with a metronome. 2. sing what you play

MG: What do you enjoy most about leading Music Gallery Bands?
B: The relationships that develop are invaluable. Most of the groups have been together 5 + years. There is a real sense of community that has developed within the groups. That makes it a real joy to be part of.

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