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Collings Acoustic Guitars | The Music Gallery

Collings Guitars, from the late great Bill Collings, redefined what a quality guitar is. Their impeccable finishing, top notch wood selection process, and 2nd to none craftsmanship has earned Collings Guitar a seat with the masters. Every Collings looks great. Every Collings plays great. Every Collings IS great. And building a great guitar isn't magic these days but what is magic is a dedication to quality above all else and that's what you'll experience when playing a Collings.

While we aren't an authorized dealer, we sure would love to be! Collings Guitars are spoken about with respect and reverence from players and luthiers's a like. One strum on a Collings and you'll be amazed at the volume, the brightness, the projection, and how stable it feels. Every single Collings. 

While they have borrowed on the old C.F. Martin tried and true designs, they have certainly figured out a way to put their own stamp on forever favorites. By using immaculate tonewoods and bracing their guitars for unparalleled output, they figured out a way to make an acoustic go to 11.

We don't see many Collings come our way and when we do they usually find a new home quickly. So if you see anything in stock below, act fast! From their solid bodies, to semi hollows, arch tops to acoustic Collings really is building an impeccable guitar on all levels. His wood selection and component choice speak volumes about his attention to detail. The Legacy of Bill Collings is sure to live on thru the instrument he created that ended up in the hands of those using the gift of music to entertain. 

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