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Advanced Blues Guitar

Advanced Blues Guitar

Struggling to play confidently through blues changes? Take your playing to the next level with this online group class taught by Bill Uhler! You'll learn essential chord progressions, licks, musical phrases, and solos as we study the players we all admire and try to imitate. Limited spaces available so sign up soon! Group sessions are 1 hour and held weekly on Thursday at 6:00. During the Group sessions we'll focus on the guitar styles of:

  • Robben Ford
  • BB King
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Freddie King
  • Albert King

We'll spend 3 - 4 weeks on each featured artist learning soloing ideas, chord voicings, rhythms, and solos.

We'll break down the solos and analyze the chords and scales the artists use like

  • Major, minor, and dominant chords
  • Major, minor, and dominant pentatonic scales
  • Major, minor, and dominant blues scales
  • Diminished chords and scales
  • Harmonic minor scale
  • Melodic minor scale
  • Altered Chords
  • Altered Dominant scale
  • Soloing using chord tones

Group participants will learn 1 complete song from each artist and how to take the licks from that solo and use them in different songs and keys. Backing tracks and guitar tabs in a PDF file will be included for all material covered.

Course material; 

Robben Ford - Blues

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