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Mesa Boogie Amplifiers have a storied history that many people are familiar with. The original Boutique Amplifier, Carlos Santana helped solidify them early on as a premiere manufacturer of high quality amps. Still made by hand in Petaluma California, Mesa Boogie has an elaborate product line with something sure to fit your needs perfectly. 

Mesa amps have been heard in many genre's of music over the years but no high gain amp is as imitated as the Rectifier Series. Mesa's Ultra High Gain Amps shaped the sound of the 90's and 2000's with their brick wall of unrelenting Gain. Many imitating amp manufacturers have come and come over the decades but Mesa has stood tall through it all. 

Currently, Mesa's product line is well diversified. For those looking for that hot rodded Fender thing, The Fillmore is perfect. Need scorching gain at a volume that won't land you in divorce court? The Recto 25 combo is for you! Need almost 50 years worth of tones on your preamp panel? The Mark V, all day every day. While versatility is practically an expectation with Mesa, dynamic transparency is not but somehow they even manage to make the highest gain amps react beautifully to touch. 

Their bass amps offers unrivaled performance and just the right features so you can get dialed in and go. Even the Subway Series, a small head with gobs of output that weighs next to nothing, produces flat out unbelievable tones. If you like an enormous low end, we have yet to find a better amp than a Mesa Boogie. 

We don't stock many large amps, no 2x12 or big cabs these days as most players are looking for something portable and manageable. We can certainly get anything from Mesa Boogie should we not have what you are looking for or if you are looking for a Custom Tolex or Grill. Give us a call or stop by the shop to talk options!

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