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Teachers at The Music Gallery of Highland Park | Zach

Zachary Kidder

Bass / Guitar / Ukulele / Songwriting

"My youngest student was four years old and my oldest was eighty-six. There is never a wrong time to start playing music!"

"You are truly amazing!!!! I cannot tell you how much you’ve already changed my kiddos life - for the BETTER!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"

"In case we haven’t said it enough, Ben is really happy playing drums and really likes working with you. We appreciate it so much."

"Zach is an excellent teacher and musical wizard. I would bring him any questions I had on interesting chordal movements and he always helped break it down to a point of conceptual understanding while still helping me to improve my playing"

"She LOVES you and guitar! She practiced for over an hour last night and again this morning! I asked Matt to check out your schedule to see if we can get her in more than once a week… thank you for making this experience so incredible for her!!"

Zach is an experienced musician and educator who is deeply passionate about helping new musicians put their best foot forward through music lessons. The attitude in Zach's lesson room is always supportive, patient, and kind. Zach is the ideal instructor for people that want a casual, yet deeply immersive and informative lesson experience.

Zach works well with young children, older adults, and everyone in between! His primary instrument is bass guitar, but he has students on every instrument who are excelling and learning how to love music!

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(847) 432-6350
2558 Green Bay Rd, Highland Park, IL 60035