Teachers at The Music Gallery of Highland Park | Zach

Zachary Kidder

Bass / Guitar / Ukulele / Songwriting

"The study and practice of music is a life long vocation which takes critical thinking, perseverant learning, and patience. I am passionate about sharing my love of music and am deeply proud of those that choose to study and develop as goodhearted, curious people."

Calvin Garvey


"Zach is an excellent teacher and musical wizard. I would bring him any questions I had on interesting chordal movements and he always helped break it down to a point of conceptual understanding while still helping me to improve my playing"

Zach is an experienced musician and educator who is deeply passionate about helping the next generation of musicians put their collective best foot forward through music lessons. Although he does teach, he has focused most his talents on the administration and direction of The Music Gallery Academy.

Zach is the guy who sits at the front desk and typically greets you when you walk in the store. You can call him with questions about anything Music Gallery Academy or music education related whether it be billing, scheduling, finding the best fit for you or your child, ways to make more of your practice time at home, or whatever else you can think of!

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