Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo Amp
Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo Amp
Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo Amp
Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo Amp
Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo Amp

Carr Raleigh 1x10 Combo Amp

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The Carr Raleigh is hands down one of the best little combo amps on the market today. It's small size, low wattage, and huge sound make it the perfect amp for recording or practicing at home without shaking the walls.

While the The Carr Raleigh has the capacity to push out some impressive volume, it was designed as a versatile practice/studio amp designed to deliver both pristine clean and heavily overdriven tones at usable volumes. The Raleigh's styling pays homage to the funky practice amps of the late 50s and early 60s. 

At only 3 watts, this little amp has a surprising amount of volume. The 10" Eminence Lil buddy hemp cone speaker really pushes some air! 

The Raleigh may look a bit Princeton-esque when comparing specifications, but this amp has a unique voice. The clean tone on this amp really sparkles. The highs are nice and rounded, mids are crisp and a nice tight low. When the volume knob is turned up to around noon the Carr Raleigh's honky midrange is accentuated, giving all notes an overdriven and present edge.

Toggling to the gain/master switch took the amp from classic rock/modern country crunch to a more saturated, British sound depending on how much gain you added. Surprisingly, even with all of this saturation going on, the amp seemed determined not to get mushy. Providing these kinds of tones at honest, conversational volume levels is nothing short of amazing. 

  • Power: 3 watts
  • Tubes: 2 12AX7, 1 EL84
  • Channels: 1
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, Master
  • Switches: Clean/Overdrive
  • Footswitch: No
  • Reverb: No
  • FX Loop: No
  • 1-10 compact combo with Eminence Lil' buddy hemp cone 10" speaker
  • 2 12AX7s, 1 EL-84 tube compliment
  • Volume, Tone, Clean/Overdrive Toggle Switch, Master Volume controls
  • 3 watts output
  • Ideal for home and studio
  • Glassy 60s blackface tones to juicy, sustained overdrive

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